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Name:  Greg Williams
Birthday:  Dec 1,1978
Birthplace:  Athens,Tessessee
Hometown:  Atlanta,Ga
Weight:  130lbs
Height:  6'1
Theme Music:  Gulity by Gravity Kills
Finshers:  Rocker Dropper, Kidton Bomb
Fav Bands:  Stuck Mojo, Sevendust
Fav Foods:  Hamburgers, Blimpies, Junk Food, Pudding,
                    Lots of Coke
Hobbies:  Writing, Playing Music, Watching Wrestling Tapes
Status:  Single
Age:  21
Fav TV Shows:  Matlock, That 70s Show, any wrestling show,
                          most everything on the History Channel and
                          Cartoon Network, and Southpark
Fav Movies:  Black Sheep, Tommy Boy, South Park Bigger
                      Longer and Uncut
Years as a Pro:  5 going on 6 years


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